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GMC200 Geiger Muller Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector For Sale

GMC200 Geiger Muller Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector

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GMC200 Geiger Muller Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector:

This item is a brand new GQ GMC-200 Geiger Muller Counter Nuclear Radiation Detector with Data Log Software
The GQ Geiger Muller Counter is designed by GQ Electronics LLC, USA. It is to be a portable and convenient device. The device comes with built-in audible and visual signals for the level of radiation detected. It can used for radiation detection, monitoring in house, out house and other similar environment. When it connected with a PC software, the radiation level can be continually monitored, recorded and analysed , 24 hours a day. The device also comes with a data output port, so that to communicate with external PC Windows software: the GQ Geiger Muller Counter Data Logger. The software is able to log the radiation data in real time. User is able to analyse those data in different ways. The data can be saved as history data. The GQ GMC-200 installed a high capacity rechargeable battery. With power adapter, the battery can be charged while the data continually monitored. So never worry about the battery and lost data.
GQ series Geiger Counter Model Comparison ModelGeiger Tube SensitivityData Log SupportedSensitivity To Radiation GMC-010Low RangeNo100 - 220 Pulses/S/R/h GMC-060Medium RangeYes188 - 235 Pulses/S/R/h GMC-100Medium-High RangeYes220 - 496 Pulses/S/R/h GMC-200High RangeYes250 - 600 Pulses/S/R/h Hardware Features:
  • Small,portable hand-held and flexible design
  • Audio and visual indication for the beta and gamma nuclear radiation detections.
  • Data port for connection with computer/PC/laptop GQ Geiger Muller Counter Data Logger
  • Battery charging feature for charging internal battery.
  • DC input jack for external power input, so that continually monitoring become possible.
  • Sensivity to Gamma Radiation: 250-800 Pulses/S/R/h
  • Own Background: 0,2 Pulses/s
  • Working Temperature Range: -50 +60 С
  • Dimension: 4"x2.5"x1.25"
  • 9V battery or DC power adapter operation

Software features
  • Software update data display in real-time, as long as the radiation pulses been detected.
  • Multiple display areas display and update radiation activity simultaneously.
  • Real-time display for: elapsed time, total radiation pules counted, activity rate in CPM and uSV/h.
  • Six ways to display the logged data.
  • Data can be saved at any time with automatically generated the time stamped file name.
  • Auto Save feature saves data automatically every 1-24 hours depending on setting.
  • CSV data format let it be much easier to be analysed and export to any other format.
  • History data can be loaded into software for analysing.
  • User 5+1 points calibration for uSv reading.
  • Multi-language supports. USer is able to add own language
  • Software supports Windows 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP / VISTA/Win 7 (both 32-bit and 64-bit).

Youtube Video:
This video testing used three radioactives during the testing. The first testing uses vaseline uranium glass beads (d=5 mm) of quantity 24. The second testing used a Uranium Ore. The third testing used a standard 5uCi radioactive. The GQ MGC-200 Geiger Counter connected to a laptop as well as a power adapter for charging battery. The Windows Software shows the radiation activities.

Hardware Description
Hardware The LED flashes when the radiation pulse is detected. A "Click" sound can be heard at same time. Higher frequency "Clicks", the higher radiation detected. Data port for communicating with PC software. Data Port Connection The unit can be connected to a PC/laptop/computer. The GQ Geiger Muller Counter Data Logger software is able to read the data output from the unit. Power source: Battery voltage: DC 9V
Power supply voltage: DC 9V, 1000mA
Software Interface

The main data and status display area:

Graphic display:
Displays last 60 seconds activity graph.

Displays last 60 minutes activity graph.

Displays last 24 hours activity graph.

Displays last 60 seconds activity in number value.

Displays last 60 minutes activity in number value.

Displays last 24 hours activity in number value.

CSV format data format

Packaging include:
  • GQ GMC-200 unit
  • Data cable
  • Power DC adapter for external power and battery charging
  • 9V rechargeable battery.
  • Software download link

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